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Well preserved photographs, usually faded, a few scratches, not oversized and with no missing parts,tears rips or tears.

May involve:

    • adjusting brightness and contrast
    • darkening images that have faded over time
    • minor color adjustment
    • “transforming” a photo from sepia to b&w or b&w to sepia
    • removal of small spots, scratches

Bad tinting, larger scratches, small tears and rips.
Older, more obvious fading, lots of scratches and/or spots.

May involve (in addition to minor restoration):

  • Removal of stains and marks
  • Removal of larger scatches, small rips           
  • Lots of scratches and/or spots
  • Damage to facial and /or detailed areas (this does NOT include re-building or re-creating areas of photos)

Major rips, tears, scratches, missing pieces, negatives, stains, discolorization
A photo that is in multiple pieces

May involve (in addition to other restoration):

  • Re-building/re-creating portions of an image that are missing due to fading, tearing, etc…
  • Piecing together image from multiple parts, re-building if necessary.
  • removal of damage to faces, hands or other skin areas
  • removal of unwanted people or objects
  • changes to backgrounds


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