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I absolutely LOVE maps and when I come across some really nice ones, I like to share!
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Ville de Manathe ou Nouvelle-Yorc”, 1764

Created by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, 1703-1772.
From the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection.

This map of colonial New York (today’s Lower Manhattan) was originally published in Bellin’s “Le Petit Atlas Maritime” (“The Small Maritime Atlas”) (v. I, pl.33). It includes an index to points of interest.

My French isn’t very good, but with the help of BabelFish, I’ve made a rough translation of the points of interest and other notations found on the map:

A. “The Port of Boats”
B. “Point to Discharge the Boats”
C. “Fountain of Puids” or “Puids’ Fountain”
D. “Govenor’s House”
E. “The Temple” or “The Protestant Church”
F. “Armory”
G. “Butcher’s – Shop”
H. “Butcher’s – slaughterhouse”
J. “the Low City”
K. “House of City”City Hall?
L. “Customs and Stores”
M. “Store of Powder” Gunpowder?

Scale Caption: “Scale of One hundred Measuring apparatuses”
Banc de Sable: “Sand Bank”
Batterie de Mortiers: “Battery of Mortars”
Canal de Longue Isle: “Long Island Channel”

• • • • • • • •

Plan de New-York et des environs”, 1777

Created by Montresor 1736-1799.
From The Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division.

This map covers New York City, specifically lower Manhattan Island. It includes an index to points of interest, some text, and an inset: “Port de New-York (Port of New York)”. Also, relief is shown by hachures and depths are shown by soundings in the inset.

Again, my rough Babel-Fish translations (if I didn’t find a translation, I left it blank):

Index to points of interest:

a. Fort George
b. Batteries – “Batteries”
c. Hopital militaire – “Military Hospital”
d. Secretariat – “Secretary’s Office”
e. Magazin a Poudre – “”
f. Baraques – “Huts/Barracks”
g. Ports Quais – “Port Quays”
h. Construction – “Construction”
i. Halle – “Hall”/”Covered Market”
k. la Bourse – “the Stock Exchange”
l. Prison – “Prison”
m. Attelier –
n. College – “secondary School”
o. Marche – “Market”
p. Eglise de la Trinite – “Trinity Church”
q. Chapelle St. George – “St. George Chapel”
r. St. Paul Church
s. Anc Eglise Hollandoise – “Old Dutch Church”
t. Nouvelle Eglise Hollandoise – “New Dutch Church”
u. Eglise Lutherienne – “Lutheran Church”
v. Eglise Coloinistes – “Colonist’s Church”
w. Protestants Francois
x. Quakers
y. Presbyteriens
z. Sinagogue – Jewish Sinagogue”
1. Anabaptistes – “Baptists”?
2. Moraves – “Moravians”
3. Nouvelle Eglise Lutherienne – “New Lutheran Church”
4. Ecolles de la Ville – “City Schools”
5. Batterie Ruinee – “Battery
6. Pompe fournissant l’Eau a la Ville – “Pump providing Water for the City”


“Capital of the same Province Name in the England News in America above New Amsterdam. Latitude 40 deg, 42 min. Longitute 57 deg. Husdon Anglois in 1608 seeking a passage to China the Dutch covered built there the Port of Masonry in 1615. Face of North East is covered useful Ravelin niasible qu is order by a height has 530 feet the Batteries which envelop this Fort and the point of the island are enfilees of any dimension. 91 Embrasures are occupied by 71 Parts of Canon.”

(This is SUPER rough, if anyone can correct me &/or improve on it, please do so!)

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